Sunday, 10th October, 2010 was the largest day of positive action
on climate change ever.

10:10 coordinated thousands
of events, from the large and iconic to small practical actions, across
the globe. These pictures, updated throughout this special weekend,
tell your stories.

Thanks for taking part!
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    Wow! 10:10:10 was truly an amazing day. Your actions, both individual and collective, have been a real inspiration. We're going to keep the best images from the day right here. Check them out!


What is it?

10:10 is helping to coordinate 10:10:10, the biggest-ever day of positive action on climate change, on Sunday 10 October, 2010. From sumo wrestlers cycling to training in Japan to 10,000 schools planting trees in Croatia and Russia, from a carbon-cutting telethon on national TV in the Netherlands, to hundreds of people in the UK sitting down to low-carbon Sunday lunches, this is going to be a really inspirational day. What are you doing for 10:10:10?

What can I do?

Across the world, thousands of people will take simple steps to reduce their emissions, cutting carbon and sending a powerful message to world leaders that people everywhere are ready to tackle climate change.

You could mark 10:10:10 with a low-carbon Sunday lunch, make your home or workplace more efficient, or maybe try something extra-ambitious.


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