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10:10:10 events planned this Sunday all across the world

10:10 Bangladesh. Pic: Tamara Zafar and Adnan Haque

wanted to share with you 10 (could it be any other numbers?) of these events that I’m looking forward to at the weekend. Remember, all the photos from the events will be streamed live on our website from Saturday evening through until 10.10am Monday. So here goes,   

  • In Zimbabwe, Harare the Cool Carbon Club have invited everyone to roll up their sleeves and get to work to help clean up two cycle paths in the city. They hope to encourage more people to get on their bikes and help the growing number of residents in the city who are choosing to cycle to get there safetly without rubbish in the way. Six schools, three neighbourhood communities and the City Waste Management are all helping to clean up and sort out cans, bottles and packaging to be recycled. 
  • Germany are giving people a chance to get on the couch and have some advice,  that’s carbon cutting advice! The couch will be in Berlin on Sunday travelling through the city offering low carbon advice to everyone on its way to the Brandenberg gate. Or else head down to the Climate Parade, grab a pair of headphones and get dancing along to the tunes played by the silent disCO2.  
  • In Spain the Bicycle Music Festival have come to town with local and bicycle traveling bands powered by the community. Salgamos de fiesta! 
  • In Hungary there is lots of events planned kicking off the day at 10am with the Climate Soccer match, olympic sportsmen vs. a team of climate change scientists - place your bets! Hungary also taking up the challenge of the 50km project where people will try to feed themselves with goods from their circle of 50km. 
  • Argentina are launching 10:10 with an outdoor festival with events including a tree planting, seed-bomb making session, talks and debates, a giant clothes swap, workshops on how to grow food, how to make your own compost, how to separate rubbish music and art by environmental artists, recycled trash and a farmer's market!
  • Slovenia are cycling along the coast to celebrate 10:10:10 
  • Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus take part in a webinar on recycling. Check out the website for top tips on the perfect Skype chat.
  • Over 300 cyclists are cycling for change in Chiang Mai. There will be plenty of places to stop with exhibitions and films along the way. Plus a low carbon brunch to start the day (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves) and plenty of water refills for everybody all day, just bring along a bottle. 
  • Dig out your rusty old bicycle in New Zealand they are running a bike restoration workshop 
  • Switch it off! Sweden pre-schoolers are painting signs to put on light switches to remind everyone to turn off their light switches and save energy. 
If you’ve been inspired by the events but are not yet doing something this Sunday, remember, there's still time to plan your 10:10:10 event. Get over to for inspiration and tips on how to plan your day.
But most importantly, if you've got an event organised, make sure to let us know all about it. Email us at and be sure to upload your photos at We will be taking over the 10:10 website with your photos and stories from Saturday through until 10.10pm on Monday.

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