Picasso competition

We have a winner!

All the way back in December, we got our hands on a signed Picasso linocut print (never you mind how). Rather than hang it in the meeting room, we thought we’d see if any of our loyal 10:10ers fancied winning it for themselves.

This turned out to be a good move – hundreds of entries poured in, and we finally have a winner. After correctly telling us that Picasso founded the Cubism art movement, Rosie Brown – a mother of two from London – is now the proud owner of Vallauris-1956 Exposition by The Man Himself.

“Part of me still doesn’t quite believe it because it is such a fabulously wonderful thing to happen” she said. ”I’ve been telling people and then swearing them to silence in case I haven’t actually won!”

Rosie has already made big carbon savings by insulating her home and using low-energy bulbs, so she’s doing her 10% by keeping an eye on the thermostat, taking a plane-free holiday here in Britain and eating more local and seasonal food.

The Picasso is going to take pride of place in Rosie’s home but well out of reach of her two children. A big Picasso fan, Rosie is using her win as inspiration to start a collection; next on her list to hang alongside the Vallauris-1956 Exposition is this quirky Picasso portrait by Robert Doisneau.

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