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#itshappening: real signs of a brighter future

#itshappening: real signs of a brighter future

Did you know that the UK broke its own wind power record last month – twice!

You don't have to look far for bad news on climate change, but there are also signs of progress all around us. Renewables are on the rise, community projects are breaking through, and scientific advances are boosting the efficiency of everything from lorries to lightbulbs. Slowly but surely, it's happening

We think this is a story worth telling, and with your help we're going to give it a shot. So today I'd like to introduce you to our newest project: #itshappening.

#itshappening is all about images; visual examples of the good stuff that's going on right now. Large or small, local or global – if it's cutting carbon, it's in! Can you help us show how #itshappening in your world?

New Energyshare funds

10:10 Brighton and Hove uses Energyshare to build support

10:10 Brighton and Hove uses Energyshare to build support

Energyshare brings people together in person and online to build local renewable energy and efficiency projects. 

As well as giving advice and tools to build support online, it also runs the Energyshare fund, giving money to community groups to get renewable energy projects off the ground.

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Introducing 10:10 Pioneers

If you're responsible for your organisation's 10:10 effort, you know that this carbon-cutting business isn't always smooth sailing – sometimes you need a bit of extra help.

How-to guides are great, but there's no substitute for talking to someone who's actually been there – someone who knows what it's like to pitch an energy-saving idea to a sceptical boss, or put a shiny new transport policy into practice.

Enter the 10:10 Pioneers

Tune up your boilers to save 30% on heating

Tune up your boiler to save 30% on heating

The Carbon Trust just launched the latest in their series of Expert in Energy guides for organisations, focusing on boilers and heat distribution.

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