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Dave Timms

Dave TimmsJob title
Head of campaigns and communication

Dave has a long history in environment and international development campaigning. 

He is seconded to 10:10 from Friends of the Earth, where he led the campaign which resulted in the introduction of the UK's feed-in tariff legislation in the Energy Act 2008 and was subsequently awarded Renewable Energy Advocate of 2009. 

Heidi Proven

Heidi ProvenJob title
Executive director

Heidi joined 10:10 from EnergyShare, where she helped a national network of community energy groups build support and raise money. Before that, she worked at Central Station and made TV documentaries.

Eleanor Besley-Gould (currently on maternity leave)

Job title
Head of fundraising

Actual job
Spreadsheets and budgets, and just a little bit of wonkiness. 

Having battled across the policy world of the transport sector, Eleanor is now able to help tackle climate change one gantt chart at a time. A long-time fan of 10:10, Eleanor is thrilled to be working on to get our projects funded.

Amy Cameron

Amy CameronJob title
Campaign manager, community crowdfunding

Actual job
Helping put other people's fabulous ideas into action by liaising with the Solar Schools, our partners, using my phone voice a lot. 

Having undergone a premature mid-life crisis, Amy veered wildly away from veterinary medicine straight into the welcoming arms of a Lighter Later internship. A big fan of 10:10 since its launch, she managed to forge a CV of call centres, waitressing and a short stint at Chester zoo into exactly what you need for a career in campaigning.

Malachi Chadwick

Malachi ChadwickJob title
Communications manager

Actual job
Words and pictures

Malachi joined 10:10 in July 2009, halfway through an masters degree in PPE. A former newspaper photographer, designer, and driver of bin lorries, his climate campaigning escapades have taken him to the UN climate talks as part of the UK Youth Delegation media team.

He recently co-authored the Rough Guide to Community Energy with Duncan Clark.

Jessica Sherlock

Jessica SherlockJob title
Head of projects

Actual job
Helping make sure great ideas become a reality.

Jess recently joined 10:10 after a five year stint leading Haringey Council's sustainability team, while at the same time completing a masters degree in leadership for sustainability. Before that Jess worked in environmental research and policy development, and as an ethical fashion entrepreneur! She is thrilled to be released into the wild world of 10:10. 

Megan Bellamy

Megan BellamyJob title
General manager

Chris Sutton

Chris SuttonJob title
Director of finance and operations

Leo Murray

Leo MurrayJob title
Campaign manager, positive investment

Actual job
Leo heads up the development of 10:10's new community energy campaigns, launching in 2014.

Leo's professional background is in animation, but after becoming obsessed with climate change in 2005 he decided he couldn't really make adverts any more and took up semi-professional trouble-making in the climate struggle.

Luckily Franny Armstrong came along and invited Leo to work as an animator on the Age of Stupid, a role which inexorably morphed into the design and early implementation of 10:10. After a long hiatus to help grow two small children, Leo is back at his desk at 10:10 working part-time on the Back Balcombe project.

Esther Barlow

Job title
Campaigns assistant

After realising that studying History at uni doesn't really lead to an obvious career path, Esther turned her attention to saving the planet. She started as a comms intern, and now spends most of her time playing with photos and wesbites.

Cecily Spelling

Cecily SpellingJob title
Solar Schools campaign coordinator

Actual Job

The go to point for the fabulous Solar Schools and when I'm feeling fancy, I attempt to write witty blogs and mail outs.


Known as Mother Geography by her university coursemates, Cecily dreamded of a job where she could do her bit to save the world! After an uninspring few months of filing in her local hospital, Cecily landed an internship at SolarAid where she worked on a solar light library project in Schools in Senegal. She's now bounced into the 10:10 office and is working with the Solar Schools helping them to reach their targets.

Millie Darling

Millie DarlingJob title
Back Balcombe campaign coordinator


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