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suggestions for Chris Huhne

What you told us to discuss with the new climate and energy minister

We've been thrilled by the response to our call for policy ideas to discuss with the new climate and energy minister Chris Huhne. Here's a quick summary of the feedback.
  • 48% voted for changing the clocks to save electricity
  • 30% voted for a fridge scrappage scheme
  • 55% voted for making sure office turn their lights out at night
  • 50% voted for insulating old people's homes
  • 48% voted for a clean energy grid for Europe
  • 33% voted for tightening up the European carbon trading market

In addition, a remarkable 700 of you make your own recommendations for specific policy areas.

There's a pleasingly wide range of responses in there, covering everything from nuclear energy to supermarket fridges. Here are a few of the most interesting or quirky:

Traffic lights to red only. Amber and green are redundant. All we need is a red light to tell us when to stop. In the absence of a red light, you go. Simple. No need to scrap all the existing traffic lights, just turn off the green and amber.

Escalating electricity tariffs. The first 1,000 kWh are cheap and then the price climbs steeply.

As part of the Defence Review they should calculate the carbon savings to be made from scrapping Trident. Then scrap it!

Making double glazing a requirement in all flats being letted out by a landlord for insulation. Also imposing a minimum energy efficiencey level for letted flats as a legal requirement. I.e. energy rating C.

Currently domestic energy policy often flies in the face of energy conservation. I have just had a new energy efficient combi-boiler installed, and though there exist thermostatically controlled non-return valves, it seems that regulation prevents me from having a solar panel installed which would save at least 60% of my fuel consumption.

A new bank holiday called National No Car Day – for one day a year nobody is allowed to drive their cars anywhere. Activities could be held to encourage people to get out, explore and socialise in their local area.

Support for "postcode energy champions" – someone in your neighbourhood who can advise you on ways to use less energy in your home and through your lifestyle choices. 

Our intern Josefine has carefully read through all of these, concluding that renewable energy and microrenewables were the most frequently raised topic, cropping up 169 times, followed by greener and retrofitted homes (89), public transport (63) and street lighting (56).


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