Why a low carbon home is (still) hard to find

New flats in Camden

Once a year somewhere in the depths of the Department of Communities and Local Government a sinister ritual is held.

An effigy of an estate agent dressed in gold cloth, carried by a phalanx of terrified civil servants is worshipped while minsters, led by Eric Pickles, chart a repeated mantra: 'Nooooo' they wail, 'Noooooo, no extra regulation of the housing market shall be allowed'.

Your next boiler probably won't burn oil or gas

Solar thermal panels on the roof of a house

Solar heating: now an actual thing

Renewable home heating just became much more affordable, thanks to a new government scheme that offers a fixed payment for each unit of fossil-free heat you generate.

Back Balcombe - the story so far

Britain's first 'fracking village' wants to quit fossil fuels. Let's help them out!

The kids of REPOWERBalcombe, with Angel, the official mascot

Last year, Balcombe got famous for all the wrong reasons. 

Targeted to be first in a new wave of oil and gas drilling, the sleepy Sussex village found itself hosting riot police, protesters and tv crews.

This year will be different.

Solar on Big Ben? Thanks, but we're getting panels at school

If you wanted to make solar panels cool, where would you put them?

It'd have to be somewhere tonnes of people would see them. Somewhere big, where they could make a difference.