A cheesy launch earns Solar School Georgeham primary £4,000 in 24 hours!

"We have got to make some bold steps to wean ourselves off oil and onto renewables." says Richard Elliot, co-ordinator of Georgeham primary's Solar Schools project. While world leaders in Lima at the UNFCCC's climate negotiations having been working that out on a macro scale, the team at Georgeham have the answer for rural north Cornwall. "What better way than to help a school invest for a lower carbon future and educate its children." We heartily agree, and they've certainly been giving it all they've got this term! 

The Georgeham pupils celebrate their launch


Oh what a night!

The invites were sent. We’d got the canapes, the low carbon wine and the music going. We’d decked out Lots Road Auction house with all the pink banners we could find. And as our favorite friends flooded through the doors, we knew 6 November was an evening we wouldn’t forget in a hurry!

The key to Solar Schools fundraising success? Smarties, of course

So, 2014 has been a pretty big year for positive steps on climate change. It’s the year we saw 40,000 people march through the streets of London for the Climate March. The year that Glasgow University divested. The year we broke renewable energy records, again and again and again

Moorfield primary launch their Solar Schools project with plenty of cheering!

"Tell us what we can do to tackle climate change" says UK public

The British public would overwhelmingly be willing to take greater action to tackle climate change if they heard more about the solutions and knew that their actions were making a difference, according to a ComRes poll conducted for 10:10.

It's official: Solar Schools is amazing

You may have heard us going on about how Solar Schools is fantastic. It boosts school budgets, brings communities together, and brings energy and climate change to life… or so we say.

Well now we’ve got proof.

We’ve been doing our homework on Solar Schools. Thanks to support from the lovely Nesta, we’ve been able to survey hundreds of Solar Schools donors and have a good old natter with the people who’ve been involved to find out what happened when they got together to crowdfund solar for their schools.

Their stories are funny, touching, and always surprising. Take a look:

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