It's official: Solar Schools is amazing

You may have heard us going on about how Solar Schools is fantastic. It boosts school budgets, brings communities together, and brings energy and climate change to life… or so we say.

Well now we’ve got proof.

We’ve been doing our homework on Solar Schools. Thanks to support from the lovely Nesta, we’ve been able to survey hundreds of Solar Schools donors and have a good old natter with the people who’ve been involved to find out what happened when they got together to crowdfund solar for their schools.

Their stories are funny, touching, and always surprising. Take a look:

Why is flying cheaper than getting the train?

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Happy birthday 10:10!

Renewables break records across Europe

The erratic weather in recent weeks may not have always been the best for holidaymakers, but it has been a bonus for energy generation from renewable sources.

Britain’s fleet of onshore and offshore wind turbines met 22% of electricity demand on Sunday, setting a new record and outperforming coal, which met just 13% of demand.

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