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10:10 is a movement of more than 100,000 people and organisations taking positive, practical action to tackle climate change.

We inspire and support people in reducing their own carbon footprint, and run projects designed to bring down emissions on a local, national and international level.

You're probably here because you heard about a short promotional film we made in October 2010, entitled No Pressure. The film received an understandably negative reaction, and we quickly realised that we'd made a serious mistake, withdrawing it within hours and apologising to the many people who found it offensive.

You could fill a book with the things we learned from this episode (and the things we changed to make sure it will never happen again), but the most important lesson was 'stick to what you're good at'.

And since then, that's exactly what we've been doing...

Cutting (a lot of) carbon

Visualisation of the UK government's 10:10-inspired carbon saving

When we invited 10:10ers to reduce their carbon by 10% in a year, some people said it was unrealistic. Two years on, some of the UK's biggest organisations have risen to the challenge, cutting thousands of tonnes of carbon and saving millions of pounds on energy. Even the UK government got involved, reducing its own carbon footprint by more than 100,000 tonnes.

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Lighter Later

Lighter Later is a campaign to change the clocks for energy-saving lighter evenings. By uniting everyone from Greenpeace to the AA under one banner, Lighter Later has built unprecedented public support and political momentum, and brought reform closer than it's been for decades.

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Solar Schools

Solar Schools

Our Solar Schools project, currently being piloted in Reading, Norwich, Cambridge and the Scilly Isles, provides a revolutionary toolkit allowing schools to raise the cost of a solar roof from the local community. We're currently working towards a national roll-out in mid-2012.

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Global day of doing

On 10 October 2010, we coordinated more than 7,000 carbon-cutting events as part of a global 'Day of Doing' to celebrate the power of practical action.

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Funding the future

Pitch Pledge Party

Our Pitch Pledge Party fundraising experiment brings innovative carbon-cutting projects together with committed donors looking to fund practical climate change solutions at a grassroots level. Our first event, held in October 2011, raised over £15,000 for three projects.

Meet the projects

Online carbon-cutting done properly

In mid-2011 we launched My 10:10, a blindingly clever website that serves up carbon-cutting advice tailored to your lifestyle. Currently in beta testing, My 10:10 lets you work out your footprint, challenge your friends, earn badges, and share tips with other users.

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