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Happy birthday 10:10!

Renewables break records across Europe

The erratic weather in recent weeks may not have always been the best for holidaymakers, but it has been a bonus for energy generation from renewable sources.

Britain’s fleet of onshore and offshore wind turbines met 22% of electricity demand on Sunday, setting a new record and outperforming coal, which met just 13% of demand.

If these stunning guesthouses were any greener, they'd be tents

A remarkable 74 per cent of Brits will be holidaying in the UK this summer according to the Travelodge holiday index, bringing the recent numbers of staycations to record levels

At the same time, more and more low impact holiday accommodation is on offer.

Here we explore two guesthouses setting a particularly high standard. Both have achieved a carbon saving of at least 60% through refurbishment, winning them SuperHome status. They are just two of 60 pioneering households hosting free Open Days as part of SuperHome Open Days this September. If you're looking for inspiration to green your own home (or your next holiday), read on…

Solar Schools 2013-14: the highlights

Wind turbines on old coal mines?

Have you heard? There's a plan afoot to build wind turbines on two old coal mines in Yorkshire and Derbyshire! You can find out more (and maybe even invest in the scheme) here.

In the meantime, let's see how coal and wind power compare - past, present and future...