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Balcombe: 'the blueprint for can-do communities all over the UK'

Did you catch REPOWERBalcombe on Channel 4 news last week?

The segment starts from the two minute mark in the video below, but the whole thing is well worth watching.

Why a low carbon home is (still) hard to find

New flats in Camden

Once a year somewhere in the depths of the Department of Communities and Local Government a sinister ritual is held.

An effigy of an estate agent dressed in gold cloth, carried by a phalanx of terrified civil servants is worshipped while minsters, led by Eric Pickles, chart a repeated mantra: 'Nooooo' they wail, 'Noooooo, no extra regulation of the housing market shall be allowed'.

Your next boiler probably won't burn oil or gas

Solar thermal panels on the roof of a house

Solar heating: now an actual thing

Renewable home heating just became much more affordable, thanks to a new government scheme that offers a fixed payment for each unit of fossil-free heat you generate.

Back Balcombe: the bigger picture

Community energy mentoring

Back Balcombe: the bigger picture

Last week we launched our newest campaign Back Balcombe. So-called ‘fracking village’ Balcombe wants to be 100% powered by renewables with their community- run energy co-op REPOWERBalcombe.