10:10 inspires and supports people and organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.

Any individual, family, business or organisation can make the cuts - and by working together we can make a real difference.

posted by julika

news round up

This week, 10:10 Germany's Katie shares a carbon-cutting secret or two, 10:10 UK introduce their latest bright idea, the Solar Schools project, and Hanna Thomas kicks off a monthly 10:10 guest blog series by questioning the definition of a "green job".

  • Here's one for all 10:10ers around the world who are keen to spread the word and learn more about carbon-cutting: our new international resources page features top tips and downloads in multiple languages. The latest addition: switch-off stickers in Spanish!
  • 10:10 sign-up Maidenhead Synagogue is well on their way to saving their 10% after installing solar panels on its roof. The hope is that the panels will encourage as many as 800 congregants to follow suit and install their own panels, as well as engaging more deeply with carbon-cutting measures in general.
  • 10:10 Germany registered another great sign-up this week, as ecogood, a German climate change advice service, joined the campaign. After years of carbon cutting already behind them, the ecogood team felt 10:10 was just the challenge they needed. And while working on their own footprint reduction, they're also planning to bring other start-ups in their office on board.
  • Green jobs expert Hanna Thomas asks the question on everyone's mind: "What the *bleep* is a green job?"
  • 10:10 Brighton & Hove shared a bunch of new case studies and carbon-cutting ideas from three of their local 10:10ers with us: Staging systems specialist Maltbury Staging, Brighton and Hove LINk, the independent health and adult social care watchdog in the city, and contract cleaning services company Green Mop.
  • Last week I shared the news of saveournature's sign up to 10:10 Germany; this week, there's a blog explaining what they'll be up to in the next 12 months to shrink their carbon blob.
  • 10:10ers Mark and Debbie, who run communications consultancy Ideal World, reported a 15% carbon cut over the past 12 months. Monitoring gas meters, investing in a new electric car and installing specialist insulation not only helped to keep the footprint down but also helped save a few pennies.
  • 10:10 Germany campaign manager Katie was chosen to kick off a new series on projects that change the world on popular German lifestyle blog "uberding". In conversation with Lena Reiner, Katie explains what makes 10:10 unique and reveals her personal carbon cutting tips, tricks and vices.