Três semanas para o Dia Global de Acção 10:10:10

Chegou o momento de planear a sua actividade e contribuir para que este seja o maior dia de acção ambiental de sempre a nível mundial.

New tool helps you cut your carbon tyre-print

The car guide in action

Our low carbon lunch


The moment of truth

“So I’d like you to cook a low-carbon lunch for the office and write about it for the website”.

My heart sank. My skills in the kitchen barely extend beyond beans on toast and macaroni cheese at the best of times, without giving too much thought to food miles or the efficiency of my oven. Here I was, five weeks into my internship, faced with the prospect of my culinary inadequacies being on show for all to see. It didn't feel good.

Niels Brock elever møder 10:10 Danmark

10:10 Danmark besøgte i sidste uge Niels Brocks internationale gymnasium i forbindelse med visningen af filmen ”Age of Stupid” . Filmen omhandler de katastofale følger som den globale opvarmning kan medføre. Instruktøren Franny Armstrong står såmænd tilmed bag den globale 10:10 kampagne.

Inspírate para el 10/10/10

Este vídeo de 350BarcelO2na muestran la importancia de ese número clave y tan sonado y nos invita a participar en los eventos del día de acciones climáticas 10/10/10.


101010 from Hans Hansen on Vimeo.

Créditos: Hans Hansen

10:10 Danmark lanceres på Niels Brock den 1. oktober

På billedet: Astrid Høg, Humlebæk. Foto: Pamela Juhl
Det bliver stort, det bliver grønt, det bliver fedt - og ved du hvad? - du er hermed inviteret! Skynd dig at sætte kryds i kalenderen den 1. oktober. Lanceringen er mellem kl. 15 og 18 på Niels Brock på Kultorvet i København. Find os på Facebook og få seneste nyt.

Making the linkage



Inside Linkage Specialist Residential CollegeLinkage is an Independent Specialist College in Lincolnshire. We provide further education for students over the age of 16 with varying degrees of learning difficulty and/or physical disabilities. We may not be the first place you'd think of taking action to cut carbon, but we've been trying to do our bit.

Bestival loves 10:10

The main stage at Bestival

As mood-boosters go, it's hard to beat giving out free things to nice people. Throw loud music, fancy dress and a giant wicker dragon in the mix, and you can kiss the late summer blues goodbye.

I'm backstage at Bestival 2010; Simian Mobile Disco's set is unfolding a few metres away, and I've spent the day with Bestival's unstoppable green team giving free solar and bike phone charging to the nicest bunch of music lovers you could ever hope to meet. It could be worse.

What future for NHS carbon cuts?

The recent white paper: ‘Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’ uses a set of themes to outline a clear strategy for the development of the NHS over the next parliamentary term and beyond.

These themes are:

Driving down emissions from car travel

Car-sharing and other green driving alternatives help to avoid congestion

Many of us have become so dependent on our cars they are often in every day use.  Living in a city I am fortunate in that I can cycle for most of my journeys. 

The one step that made a big difference to reducing our car use was keeping monthly and subsequently weekly records of our mileage (along with our utilities).  Although a simple exercise, the impact of gathering this data (combined with our 10:10 pledge) has been immense.  

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