Un Ministro Tico 10:10. Nuestro primer miembro del Gabinete




El poder de nuestra imaginacion

Sí al transporte público


10/10/10: Párate con WWF en Asturias

12:00: Bicicletada con Asturies Con Bici desde El Náutico de Gijón, haciendo ruido y con cartelería con mensajes de actuación contra el cambio climático
Simultáneamente: montaje en El Náutico de la exposición Testigos del Clima, de WWF.
13:00: Llegada de la bicicletada a El Náutico.

10:10:10 Countdown

Brighton and Hove health pioneers: the story so far

We’ve got a fantastic group of enthusiastic, motivated and highly organised health pioneers here in Brighton and Hove, who have been spreading the 10:10 message at every opportunity.  Here’s how they’ve done it so far.

"Zöld London" egy környezettudatos metropolisz



Latino Shop in Zagreb, Croatia is our first 10:10 shop, and we are so proud and happy to be working with them. Beautiful Alejandra (who is actually from Colombia) and a Zagreb-native Aleksandar promote Latin culture and ways of life in this colorful surroundings full of amazing products made from all natural materials, like seeds, clay, cotton and similar. Check out their web site for more information, and find more amazing photos right here.


Eat seasonably

Market stall

Lovely veg

Any idea when courgettes come into season? How about cucumbers? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Klimaet er vigtigt for danskerne

stock.xchng/ safegear

Det kan godt være, at klimaet er rykket ned under punktet eventuelt på politikernes dagsorden. Langt ned under den altoverskyggende finanskrise. Men for danskerne er klimaet stadig noget af det vigtigste.

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