KidCulture Family Expo: A 1010 Festival for Cyprus

Last weekend over 400 families gathered in a park in Lefkosia, for the 'KidCulture Family Expo', the first festival of its kind for Cyprus.
Despite the scorching heat the turn out was good and the event a great success for all involved.

The festival targeted expectant and new parents as well as educators and health professionals, and aimed to encourage environmental awareness in exhibitors and visitors alike. An innovative and eco conscious show, rare for Cyprus, that incorporated carbon cutting ideas in its organisation including recycling and water saving.

What's the carbon footprint of a new car?

This edited extract from Mike Berners-Lee's How Bad Are Bananas? was originally published on

The carbon footprint of making a car is immensely complex. Ores have to be dug out of the ground and the metals extracted. These have to be turned into parts. Other components have to be brought together: rubber tyres, plastic dashboards, paint, and so on. All of this involves transporting things around the world. The whole lot then has to be assembled, and every stage in the process requires energy. The companies that make cars have offices and other infrastructure with their own carbon footprints, which we need to somehow allocate proportionately to the cars that are made.

Link with for 10:10:10

A low-carbon cure for car park rage


When Dacorum Borough Council signed up to 10:10, I wanted to make sure we took into account all of our carbon emissions – both inside the organisation’s buildings and outside. I knew that most of our employees travelled to work by car, and by reducing their mileage by just a little a week we could make a difference to their CO2 emissions.

Car parking at our Hemel Hempstead Civic Centre has always been a contentious issue, as there often isn’t enough space in the staff car park, so I thought there might be a way to tackle that problem as well as reducing the emissions produced by staff commuting to work.

Christchurch 10-10-10

Five fun free events organised in Christchurch for Sunday 10th October, with our partner organisations:

Climate Smart Film Festival. from 10am at CPIT Imagitech Theatre, Madras St.

Walk for Wellbeing. from 10am -start anytime until 2pm - circuit of Travis Wetland.

Thanksgiving Carbon Cutting Tips!

This Thanksgiving, why not try a new and fun approach to your time with family?  10:10:10 falls on this wonderful holiday for folks in Canada and so what better way to participate in this day, than to do so you’re your family. 

Ten tens in felt pens


VIDEO: Brighton & Hove 10:10 health pioneers

Brighton & Hove 10:10 Health Pioneers from 1010 Brighton & Hove on Vimeo.

Un Ministro Tico 10:10. Nuestro primer miembro del Gabinete

Por: Mónica Araya

Setiembre 2010

10:10. El Poder de nuestra Imaginación

Por: Mónica Araya

Setiembre 2010

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