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Hiring: Campaigns intern - Solar Schools

Hours 2.5 - 5 Days p/w  Duration 3 - 6 months Money £9.15/hr   Location Camden Town

Here at 10:10 we like to create brave new things – including campaigners!

Right now, we’re looking for an intern to help out on our Solar Schools project – learning the ropes at a fun and vibrant organisation! Interested? Read on!

Hiring: Head of Campaign Communications

Hours 5 Days p/w   Duration Permanent   Money £39,050 - £44,050   Location Camden Town

Hi, we’re 10:10 – we bring people together to do bold, beautiful things that help tackle climate change. 

You’re an experienced communicator and PR champion who wants to use your powers to make the world a better place. We should talk!

Hiring: Director of finance

Hours 1 - 2 Days p/w   Duration Permanent   Money Day rate related to experience     Location Camden Town

We’re looking for a Head of finance to work across a range of projects, helping us bring people together to tackle climate change.

I wish all websites looked like this

Solar Schools scoops a new accolade at the Business Green Leaders Awards

Last night, thanks to our lovely partners and project supporters Co-operative Energy, the Solar Schools team headed to the Brewery in London for the Business Green Leaders awards!

Would you, could you (fundraise) on a boat?

We don't just hand out the Solar School of the week crown to any old Tom, Dick or Harry. So, if you're looking to attract the attention of the team and join the hallowed halls of fame, you could do a lot worse than following these top tips:

  1. Be generally awesome
  2. Run a Facebook page that would make Mark Zuckerburg proud.
  3. Involve boats. And Phil Shingler. Or ideally Phil Shingler on a boat...

Ok fine, Millbrook Primary kind of ran away with this one...

When good things happen to good people: Tiny, amazing Pendock Primary crosses the finish line

The pupils of Pendock launch their Solar Schools effort

On Thursday 14 February, Mechteld Blake - the phenomenal driving force behind Pendock Primary's Solar Schools project - had the pleasure of telling 43 suitably chuffed pupils, that after just 18 weeks of hard work - highs and lows - their tiny school had raised a phenomenal £9,170. 

Alongside a plethora of events and community fundraising, the team invited businesses to do their bit to help the pupils of Pendock grow 
up in a clean, green solar school. And it's an opportunity that Good Energy wisely didn't want to miss. After the Pendock team got in touch with them to tell them what they were up to, they decided they wanted to do what they could to see the school succeed and donated an incredible £3050, which saw Pendock sail over their target.

"Let people wear pyjamas": how Barnes became a solar success story

With just a few months to fundraise for a brand new solar roof, our 30 Solar Schools celebrate every new donor that pops up on the website.

But, some donations come with more fanfare than others.

Last week, after nearly four months of hard work, profits from a snowy sponsored run made Barnes Primary School in Richmond the first of this year's Solar Schools to hit their fundraising target!

The schools that made it happen

When I tell people I work in climate change I think it’s fair to say assumptions are made… and those assumptions wear tie-dye and eat mungbean salad. It’s not surprising really that Bollywood nights, fireworks displays and generous lawyers don’t immediately spring to mind. But that is exactly what I love most about Solar Schools – it’s a far cry from a traditional carbon cutting campaign and it achieves so much more as a result. 

Internships at 10:10

Working at the 10:10 office

Every few months, we advertise intern positions here at 10:10. These are unpaid (£10 a day for expenses) roles in different teams within the office - everything from communications to campaigns and fundraising.

While we're proud of the opportunities we offer, we're very aware that the world of interning is a murky one and that rightfully, we, like anyone else offering unpaid work, must be open to scrutiny.

It's an issue pretty close to my heart, having started out here at 10:10 as an intern and now co-ordinating the intern programme that we offer. You could suggest that leaves me somewhat biased, but I like to think it means I have a bit of experience from both sides of the fence.

So given the huge amount of negative coverage around unpaid work, with everyone from MPs to Tesco and the Diamond Jubilee facing public criticism, why do we, as an organisation that's trying to make the world better, continue to offer unpaid work in a city as expensive as London?

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